2006 Trip

2006 River Trip Collections

Between 10 and 18 July 2006, 19 stream and spring habitats were visited; of these, extensive stream assessments following the AZ Department of Environmental Quality stream assessment protocols [AZDEQ] were completed at 10 of the sites.  Surveys for aquatic annelids [AqAnnel] were conducted at 15 of these sites. Water quality samples [WQ] (only) were collected from seven additional sites. *

  • Vasey’s Paradise (hanging spring garden, COR RM 31.6R); 10 July: AqAnnel, WQ.
  • Whale’s Armpit (four seep drip pots, COR RM 34.7R); 11 July: AqAnnel.
  • Nankoweap Creek (COR RM 52.2R); 11 July: AZDEQ, AqAnnel, WQ.
  • Lava Chuar Creek (COR RM 65.5R); 11 July: WQ only.
  • Clear Creek (COR RM 84.1R); 12 July: AqAnnel samples were collected, but neither a stream assessment nor WQ sampling were conducted because stream had recently flashed.
  • Bright Angel Creek (COR RM 87.7R); 12 July: stream recently flashed, thus no assessment or collection.
  • Monument Creek (COR RM 93.5L); 13 July: AZDEQ, AqAnnel, WQ.
  • Hermit Creek (COR RM 95.0L); 13 July: AZDEQ, AqAnnel, WQ.
  • Crystal Creek (COR RM 98.1R); 14 July: AZDEQ, AqAnnel, WQ.
  • Shinumo Creek (COR RM 108.6R); 14 July: AZDEQ, AqAnnel, WQ.
  • Royal Arch Creek and pools (COR RM 116.6L); 15 July: AZDEQ, AqAnnel, WQ.
  • Tapeats Creek (COR RM 133.7R); 15 July: AZDEQ, AqAnnel, WQ.
  • Deer Creek – pool below falls, and outflow stream (COR RM 136.2R); 15 July: AZDEQ, AqAnnel, WQ.
  • Kanab Creek (COR RM 143.4R); 16 July: AZDEQ, AqAnnel, WQ.
  • Matkatamiba Creek (COR RM 179.9L); 16 July: AqAnnel only.
  • seep at The Ledges (COR RM ~151.55R); 17 July: WQ only.
  • National Canyon Creek (COR RM 166.4L); 16 July: AZDEQ, AqAnnel, WQ.
  • Spring Canyon Creek (COR RM 204.4R); 17 July: AZDEQ, AqAnnel, WQ.
  • Pumpkin Spring (COR RM 204.4R); 17 July: WQ only.
  • Diamond Creek (COR RM 225.65L) [>1.5 km upstream (south) confluence with COR]; 18 July: AqAnnel, WQ.

* More specific locality and collecting information for each site, including digital photographs, will be provided here soon.

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