2001 Trip

2001 River Trip Collections

Between 19 and 29 June 2001, 18 aquatic sampling sites were surveyed. *

Seep and spring habitats

  • 13 Mile Spring/seep (COR RM -13L, ~1mi downstream of the Glen Canyon Dam, 13 mi upstream Lee’s Ferry);
  • an unnamed spring at Fence’s Fault (COR RM 30.3L);
  • Vasey’s Paradise (hanging spring garden, COR RM 31.6R);
  • Whale’s Armpit (four seep drip pots, COR RM 34.7R);
  • seeps at Lava Well / Warm Springs, along edge of Colorado River at Lava Rapids (COR RM 179.4L);
  • Beecher Spring (COR RM 183.5L).

Additional sites included

  • small backwater slough of the Colorado River at Tanner Flats (COR RM 68.5R);
    and eleven small to large tributary streams of the Colorado River:
  • Paria River (COR RM 0.8R);
  • Little Colorado River (COR RM 61.3L);
  • Lava Chuar Creek (COR RM 65.5R);
  • Clear Creek (COR RM 84.1R);
  • Bright Angel Creek (COR RM 87.7R);
  • Crystal Creek (COR RM 98.1R);
  • 127 Mile Creek (COR RM 126.8R);
  • Tapeats Creek (COR RM 133.7R);
  • 140 Mile Creek (COR RM 139.8L);
  • Kanab Creek (COR RM 143.4R);
  • Spring Canyon Creek (COR RM 204.4R).

* More specific locality and collecting information for each site will be provided here soon. Digital photographs of the sites also will be included.

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