Synopsis – Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica

We present here a short synopsis of the primary website for the Second Edition of Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica – A catalogue of names, descriptions and type specimens of the Oligochaeta. Editio Secunda [N.O.2].

This web-based Second Edition of Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica [N.O.2] was launched on Monday 6 January 2014, to expand the scope and objectives of the original series, to:

  • integrate the accounts included in the first volume (Reynolds and Cook, 1976 [N.O.]) with those presented in the three supplements (Reynolds and Cook, 1981 [N.O.S.P.], 1989 [N.O.S.S.], and 1993 [N.O.S.T.]) – together comprising the original first volume N.O. series;
  • update and correct accounts for the generic, subgeneric, specific, and infra-specific names of oligochaetes (Annelida, oligochaetous Clitellata) as presented in the original first volume N.O. series;
  • add accounts for oligochaete taxa described as new to science since the publication of N.O.S.T. in 1993 – including barcode, tissue repository, other pertinent DNA sequencing information, DOI links to the publications in which new descriptions are presented, and links to GenBank records for the new taxa;
  • expand the Prolegomenon, Gratiarum Actiones, Praefatio, Index Auctorum, Index Auctoritatum, Index Museorum, Glossarium, and References sections of the original first volume series;
  • include translations (in 12 languages) of the Prolegomena and Glossaria of the original series and this second edition;
  • present and expand the Dedicatio section in the original series with biographies and memoria for our historical and contemporary colleagues focused on oligochaetology, including bibliographies of their published scientific and lay contributions;
  • offer a forum entitled Current Perspectives where titles and abstracts for papers focusing in oligochaete phylogeny, taxonomy, systematics, and nomenclature are highlighted;
  • provide a Using This Nomenclator section with account examples and instructions for using and navigating this web-based catalogue;
  • presents a For Contributors page encouraging visitors to and users of information throughout this web-based nomenclator to provide us with additions and corrections to the accounts as presented in the Nomenclator Generum, Nomenclator Subgenerum, Nomenclator Specierum, as well as additions and corrections to the information presented elsewhere on this website;
  • include an annotated list of links to web-based annelid resources; and
  • add an Annual Accounting page summarizing the number of accounts for newly described taxa (genera, subgenera, species, and subspecies) that have been added (1990–present).

Please visit the primary website to access the above resources:

>> J.W. Reynolds & M.J. Wetzel

The picture at the top of this page was taken at Cascade Creek in Yosemite National Park, CA, during a preliminary survey for aquatic oligochaetes in May 2016.

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